Expats and Relocation - “Don’t Get Tripped Up On Expat Taxes”

Taxes are one of those things nobody is thinking about - especially when you are about to relocate abroad for an assignment. Instead, you’ll probably be thinking about the experience and how exciting it will be to work in a new country. But there are massive consequences if you don’t set up your taxes accordingly - especially if you are a citizen or resident of the US, which has a dual-taxation treaty with several countries. 

Here to share how expats and companies can best prepare for international business relocation is guest Ragu Bhargava. Mr. Bhargava is an award-winning and experienced financial executive, entrepreneur, and leader.  He is the Co-Founder and CEO of Global Upside Corporation - which includes Global Upside, Global PEO Services, Mihi, and Gava Talent Solutions, a conglomerate specializing in international business operating in over 150 countries.


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