Lean Global Expansion Series

Hiring locally without creating a business entity

Globig had the chance to talk with Nick Stanton, the SVP of Global Employment Outsourcing (GEO) at Safeguard World International to discuss 2017 Trends in Internationalization, a part of our lean global expansion series.

The GEO service allows companies to accelerate their global expansion initiatives into 150 different countries, making it much faster, less costly and lowers the risks of hiring locally because you don’t have to establish a local business entity first. As the employer of record, SafeGuard World International legally employs a companies workforce through a local established entity, handles all of the HR and payroll while placing the team on assignment back to you.

In this podcast we discuss:
What are the benefits of using a global employer of record
How does it work and how quickly can a company hire their first employee
How offer letters are used internationally
Risks associated with hiring contractors
Exit strategy, what if things don’t work out when hiring abroad?


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