Part 2 - Successful Sales Strategies In Hot Markets – Our Focus is Asia Pacific

How to Hire and Sell Effectively in Asia Pacific

Our guest is Kyle Hegarty. Kyle is with Leadership Nomad under the TSL Group, he has spent over a decade living and working in the Asia Pacific region helping companies expand into new markets and grow their sales.

The discussion is focused on the following:
1. How to find sales people when this area is so hot? What does it take to be competitive when hiring? What are the expectations from qualified sales people?

2. Is it a mistake to bring in your sales team from another country? How important is it to hire local? What about hybrid teams of expats and locals?

3. What are the characteristics of a good sales person in this market?

4. What will it take to be successful? Does your sales person need a deep industry rolodex?

5. Tips for building relationships. How long does it take to get in the door?

6. How much pre-marketing is needed to warm up a new market?


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